Clairvoyant Readings & Healing groups with Glenn Pailthorp, CHT

About Glenn

My spiritual training began in my teens, when I planned on following in the footsteps of three grandparents who were Methodist Ministers. In college my focus in world religions led me into the study of Kriya Yoga (originally through Yogananda's Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, CA).

While continuing to study Yoga, I was trained and certified in Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming.) I first opened a Hypnotherapy practice in 1992. Throughout the 90's I began studying Spiritualism and Shamanism. I studied at Spiritualist churches in California and Texas. My foremost spiritualist teacher was a wonderful Buddhist, Rev. Eugene Larr. During those years, I was also fortunate enough to study briefly with some wonderful Shamanic teachers.. Jon Macrae, Brenda Hartman, Don Miguel Ruiz, Alberto Villoldo, and most recently... Betsy Bergstrom.


It was during the fall of 1999, after exploring the healing practices in Brazil, I returned to the United States to lead the first healing group. Every Friday night I'd lead the attendees through guided healing meditations. After the meditations, I'd give everyone a hands-on-healing. Over the months, the groups got bigger, and I was getting more drained and stressed. Finally, one night, after finishing the last healing, I nearly collapsed... becoming the healee instead of the healer. In hindsight those initial healing groups were a great experience, because people loved it, and I learned a lot. Ultimately, I realized that I had more to learn in order to help others without hurting myself. For several years, I gave up most of my healing work, and concentrated on studying clairvoyance as a separate process from healing. Being able to distinguish between a neutral psychic reading and a clairvoyant healing has been transformational. I loved being “forced” to read without healing while in the clairvoyant training program at Aesclepion. The result has been that I can now, in my own practice, consciously choose to read, heal, or most often... do a combination of both. Although that may not sound significant, it's huge for me. It allows me to better maintain my space while helping my clients work their own space so that everyone benefits.


In the following years, I continued to develop my clairvoyance and my clairvoyant healing abilities with Betsy Niewiarowski of the Aesclepion Glenn PailthorpHealing Center in San Rafael, CA ... and I continue to study with John Friedlander, author of Basic Psychic Development in Ann Arbor, MI.


In 2006, while still in the Clairvoyant Training program at the Aesclepion Healing Center, I began working professionally as

a reader/healer. If you want to schedule an appointment, call 734.417.8682 or email:



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